Ants eating a dead lizards head

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
dead lizard eaten by ants
Face off!
Found on Reddit, this is a great shot of ants finding a dead lizard and doing what they do best. They are taking it right down to the skelton.


Are you curious as to how the Lizard ended up in that final position! It's probably due to the 'clinging' properties of the toes still being in play. This is known as Van Der Walls Force, and lizard and gecko climb everywhere using it.

Check out some lizard eating insects.

Huntsman spider eating a pygmy possum

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Doing the rounds virally at the moment is these pictures of a hungry Huntsman spider eating a  pygmy possum!

Found in a Mt Field Ski lodge in Tasmania, Australia. 

Huntsman spider eating a whole  possum

Basically, the possum is the size of a large mouse.

Huntsman spider eating a  pygmy possum

There are many kinds of Huntsman Spiders, they are found all around the world and are so named for their speed and mode of hunting.

This photo reminds of that time this giant orb weaver caught a bird...

Hippopotamus about to snap an alligator in half

Thursday, April 4, 2019
It was when I saw the movie Congo that I realized how dangerous hippos can be.

They were not some cute characters in the Hungry Hungry Hippos game, no, they are strong beasts who rule their river domain with brutal efficiency.

So, you can imagine what's about to go down with this alligator caught in the jaws of this big beast:

hippopotamus eating alligator

We have of course seen hippos eat crocodiles before though seeing this zebra do some dental cleaning on one was the cutest thing!

Fox gets skunked

Friday, March 8, 2019
Not the fantastic Mr Fox.
A clever skunk blasts a predatory fox in the face with his scent.

Amateur photographer Jocelyn Rastel Lafond was luckily enough to capture the failed attack by the fox on camera in Lavaltrie near Montreal, Canada.

Lafond said the fox had "such a ridiculous expression after getting sprayed".

It's a double fail for the hungry fox as he lost his lunch too! These foxes had a bit more luck though!

Funnily enough, when beer gets too much exposure to light, the beer is said to have been skunked.

Eagle v. Seagull: A valiant rescue attempt

Thursday, August 16, 2018
seagul tries to rescue another from an eagle mid flight

You got to admire the spirit of this seagull trying to rescue its friend from the death grip of this eagle.

It looks almost comical but nature is showing the brutal reality of the strength of an eagle.

Those sharp talons are locked into that bird and there's little chance the rescue attempt was successful, but we admire the heart shown.

Golden eagle catching a red fox

Thursday, July 26, 2018
Golden eagle catching a red fox

Classic move by the Eagle. 

Praying Mantis eating a humming bird

Friday, May 18, 2018

You may have heard of how praying mantis are such bad assess.

After sex the female will eat the male.

Well here's one picture that truly surprised us, a mantis eating a humming bird. Yes, a fricking bird ! They usually only eat things like crickets.

We've seen spiders eat birds before but this is one legendary picture! I'd love to know how this insect caught it's prey! So I actually read the comments on reddit (I know, I do deserve a medal) and found this hypothesis as to how the green goblin did the deed:

"So hummingbirds are impressive as fuck, what with their ability to beat their wings eighty trillion times per second. They can hover, move forwards, backwards, up and down and side to side. They're also FAST. However, the praying mantis is hanging from what looks to be a hummingbird feeder, and that's the one place that they're likely to land. So my guess is that the praying mantis went all double-O ninja on her ass when she went down to get a snack."

These insects are more bad ass than a quote by Darth Vader!

As found on Reddit

Katipo bites a trouser snake!

Check out this story of how a Katipo spider took on a trouser snake!


A venomous katipo spider bite on his penis was the high price a tourist paid for a skinny-dip at a Northland beach. The 22-year-old Canadian left his clothes in the sand dunes while he went for his nude swim and slept on his return, according to a report on the case in today's online NZ Medical Journal.
"He woke to find his penis swollen and painful with a red mark on the shaft suggestive of a bite. He rapidly developed generalised muscle pains, fever, headache, photophobia [light sensitivity] and vomiting," wrote Dr Nigel Harrison and colleagues who treated him at Dargaville and Whangarei hospitals.

By the time the man reached Dargaville Hospital, his penis was severely swollen, his blood pressure was up and his heart beat racing.

Chest pain and other symptoms developed the next morning and it was presumed he had been bitten by a katipo. He was treated with anti-venom medicine and rapidly improved.

However, heart problems persisted and he was treated at Whangarei Hospital and Auckland Hospital before returning to Canada.

Katipo spiders are known to have a highly specialised habitat in New Zealand sand dunes and will bite only rarely, and in defence.

This was the first known case of myocarditis, or heart inflammation, caused by a bite, Dr Harrison said. A prompt diagnosis and the use of anti-venom resulted in a good outcome for the tourist, he said.

Wikipedia has a good description of the Katiopo sider:
Latrodectus katipo, the katipo, is an endangered species of spider native to New Zealand. A member of the genus Latrodectus, it is related to the Australian redback spider, and the North American black widow spiders.
The species is venomous to humans, capable of delivering a comparatively dangerous spider bite. Katipo is a Māori name and means "night-stinger". It is a small to medium-sized spider with the female having a distinctive black body with a white bordered red stripe on its back.
North of 39°15'S females do not have a red stripe and are all black. The male is much smaller than the female and quite different in appearance, being white with black stripes and red diamond shaped markings. Katipo have a narrow habitat, being only found living in sand dunes close to the seashore.
They range throughout most of coastal New Zealand, but are not found at the southernmost regions. Spinning an irregular tangled web amongst dune plants or other debris, they feed mainly on ground dwelling insects.
And now occasional trouser snakes.
Check out this story of a Spider eating a bird!

Elvis the Crocodile eats a lawnmower!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Elvis the Crocodile tried to eat his keeper but took a lawnmower instead....

A hungry saltwater crocodile named Elvis with an apparent affinity for household machinery charged at an Australian reptile park worker before stealing his lawn mower.

"Before we knew it, the crocodile had the mower above his head," Tim Faulkner a witness said.

"He got his jaws around the top of the mower and picked it up and took it underwater with him."

The reptile workers quickly left the crocodile's space. Elvis appeared to enjoy his newly acquired mower and sat guarding it until he was bribed with some Kangaroo meat to give up.

Nice attempt at a revolution pal but you should have held out for more....

Check out these other crocodile stories:

Crested Serpent Eagle attacks a python snake

Sunday, February 18, 2018
Eagles must have the biggest balls of them all, especially this Crested Serpent eagle who has attacked this python because to him, the snake is simply lunch.

python caught  by eagle talons

I've heard that an Eagle's talon grip has been measured at 400 PSI, given your hand can do around 20, that eagle has some serious grip on the python. The pain and crushing blow of that landing, coupled with the powerful grip means that snake probably doesn't have much of a chance of making it to his next meal.

I guess it an eagle has earned the title of Crested 'Serpent' Eagle, it knows what it's doing.

This photo does the pounds on Reddit every so often - so much so this photo is attributed to photographer Antonius Andre Tjiu somewhere in Southern Borneo in Indonesia.

Cats eating rats and mice!

Thursday, November 16, 2017
I wonder what mouse pate would taste like?
So my wife and I got a new cat. She's a lovely stray and we call her Venus. Yes, Venus rythmes with Doremius. Venus was a stray from the SPCA and appeared to be a very nervous cat. However on her second night of staying with us she decided she loved us and chose to demonstrate that love by placing a mouse at the foot of the bed. We think she's a keeper and for her mouse catching prowess, this page of cats eating rats and mice is dedicated to her.

Mouse go crunch!
Could I get some sauce for this mouse please?
Sometimes it doesn't work out well for the cat
Cats are often known to play with their food
Even ginger cats get to eat rats

Turducken of the ocean?

Monday, October 9, 2017
You've heard of a turducken right - a meal where a chicken is placed inside a duck which is placed inside a turkey and then roasted.

Here's the turduken of the ocean - an octopus inside the mouth of a yellow eye rock fish which was eaten by a lingcod...


Bullfrog chokes to death on a chipmunk

Sunday, September 24, 2017
bullfrog chokes to death on a chipmunk

A Redditor reports this ribbeting story:

"Opened my pool... saw a HUGE bullfrog swimming in the water... I had been saving chipmunks from drowning all week (because they weren't used to the pool cover being off)... came back the next day, bullfrog wasn't moving and was dead at the bottom of the pool... BECAUSE HE CHOKED ON A CHIPMUNK."

The bull frog probably thought he was onto an easy free meal but his eyes were bigger than his furry lunch date.

Given frogs will pretty much eat anything that moves (usually smaller fry like insects) the frog would have literally jumped at the chance to eat some delicious chipmunk meat. 

I for one, will never toad-ally forget this picture! Are they sure frog didn't die of two much chlorine in the water? Maybe they need a test kit for that.
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