When the buffalo says no, he means no

Not all Lioness attacks on their prey are successfull. Some lunges for food miss by inches. And some times the tables are turned in favour of the hunted, so much so the lioness ends up looking like this:

That would be the work of a buffalo who refused to be turned into lunch for the pride.

A redittor suggested this picture was the:

"Aftermath of a Lioness encounter with a Buffalo. Kenyan Safari surgeons eventually rescued her, so she is still alive but dam that looks like it hurts."

I imagine if this animal had of not been rescued she surely would have died of her injuries by way of infection or by being fly stuck etc.

Here's an eagle eating a dead deer it found.

eagle eating deer

This redditor reports "My uncle set up a trail camera near a dead deer and caught this, I thought it was awesome!" If you mean eagle eating a deer is awesome, well son, you're correct! 

I'm not sure I've ever seen an eagle this happy but given how tasty those ribs look, who can blame the bald fella?

Carrion my wayward son, indeed. 

Octopus eating a seagul

I'd like to think the Octopus was laying in way amongst the murky depths before it rose up and snatched this unsuspecting seagull and took it back from whence it came like some kind of B movie.

octopus eating a seagul

The picture was taken by Ginger Morneau of Langford, a suburb of Victoria, British Columbia. Taking snaps of the battle between the beasts while out on a run, she noted the seagul was ' was fighting actively' as she came across the two. She had  time for some quick snapping before the bird was taken to the depths below.

Python kills and eats an Australian crocodile

We’ve found yet another reason to not visit Australia. If you weren’t up for the snakes that eat bats  or the hornets so big they eat spiders, be warned the snakes are actually so big they eat crocodiles:

python kills crocodile

Travis Corlis,  managed to capture the epic battle between a python and a croc at  Queensland's Lake Moondarra, near the mining town of Mount Isa, Australia.

snake attacks and kills a crocodile

Admittedly the crocodile was only a baby being one metre in length but the struggle was impressive enough so much that Tiffany said, “We were sort of thinking that the snake had bitten off a little more than it could chew”. Ultimately the beast with no legs one and the crocodile was suffocated by the python’s death grip. 

We've actually seen this kind of battle a few times before, notably this anaconda versus alligator from the Everglades. This Aussie python managed to drag a walleroo up a cliff and this one just wasn't that smart at all

One last one, it's not just Australian pythons you have to watch out for, this python from Bali ate a cat and then threw it up!

When cats taste bad

Technically this is the reverse of an animal eating and animal, it's a giant python regurgitating some dude's pet cat. Poor fluffy.

python regurgitates cat in Bali
Fluffy was not as tasty as first thought
The Redditor said "This thing fell through my uncle's bathroom ceiling, regurgitated his cat, then escaped back up through the roof. He lives in Bali."

So I'm never visiting Bali then...

Who wins in this battle between a giant preying mantis and a bird?

Remember this? Well it's happened again and the battle for life and death was won by the Mighty Mantis. It would seem this sparrow like bird thought he could have a tasty dinner of preying mantis but how wrong was he? 

gian mantis eats bird

This mantis is huge and managed to overcome his attacker by using his massive arms. He's clearly been going hard at the gym but the looks of him!

Giant otter defeats and eats a crocodile

If you ever take a visit to Wellington, check out the Zoo. It's quite a nice one and the animals are treated very well. The first animals you meet are a pair of the cutest otters you might have ever seen. They run around their enclosure, splashing in the water and eating crabs and fish for lunch. I'm not sure they ever seen a crocodile before but it's pretty clear this otter below has. And has a taste for them:

otter eating a crocodile

This otter must be on fucking steroids. He's a huge mother and he's managed to corner, capture and kill a crocodile. Naturally one must eat his opponent after such an effort so he he is, eating the tasty flesh.

Here's a sweet video of a whole gang of otters taking down a caiman. Impressive stuff and nature at its finest indeed.

Dude gets eating by a shark, cuts his way out with a knife

man cuts himself out of sharkhis 

This an incredible picture of a man cutting his way out of a shark that had eaten him. The story is that he’d actually caught the shark and while he was about to kill it with a knife, it actually managed to eat him! Apparently the dude was really little and only weighed 60 kg so was effectively ‘small fry’ for the shark. 

So having been swallowed with knife in hand he managed to get his arm out through the gills and started to cut himself free.

When I see pictures like this I wonder why the cameraman waste time taking damn pictures and not help the dude ?!

Anyways if you believed the above, you’re a bit slow. Here’swhat really happened…

Here's a series of pics which show a dude that actually got eaten by a shark. Def NSFW.

Praying Mantis eating the head of a dragon fly.

You would think if Animals Eating Animals was going to show a Praying Mantis picture, it would be of one eating it's mate - a practice for which they have a certain reknown. Well we did, a while ago.

Instead we bring you a praying mantis eating the head of a pretty dragon fly:

mantis eating a dragon fly head

Praying Mantis have also been known to eat crickets and the odd bird!

As found on reddit. 
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